Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baking Bread with a Machine

I have three bread machines; a Panasonic, an Oster and a Toastmaster.  I've bought each of them at the thrift store.  The most I've spent has been $7.99.  Each one works fairly well while the Toastmaster does a better job than the others.

Yesterday I came across some machine bread recipes on Pinterest so I cleaned off the Toastmaster and made a simple loaf of grain bread.  The only changes that I made were to add 2 tsp sugar and 2 tsp of salt before I put in the flour.

I made the loaf above on Tuesday and the one below I made today (Thursday).

I made a blueberry lemon bread on Wednesday using blueberries I froze last summer.  It smelled good but there's a reason it called for dried blueberries and not fresh/frozen.  Too much extra liquid.  I should have reduced the milk to 1/4 cup.  I will try again!

What prompted this bread making is the fact that we buy bread once a week at The Country Pie Shoppe in Donegal.  They have fantastic bread, donuts and pies there but I know I can create something equally as tasty using my machine without spending extra money given that the ingredients are something I always have on hand.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

More Sewing for Girls

I love to hit thrift stores looking for sewing patterns and fabric.  Sometimes I buy used sheets, always in good condition, to cut up to use as fabric to make clothes.

The other day I stopped at the Goodwill store in Windber, PA and bought five patterns for 49 cents each.  I was happy.  Across the street was a JoAnn's Fabric store where I purchased lots more fabric.

I was able to make dresses this week for three of the granddaughters and plan to do more sewing next week.  Two of the dresses need to be hemmed.  I need the girls here to do that.

Dress for Dixie
Bicycle Dress for Jassmine
Little Dress for Beverly

Back view of the dress for Dixie.

I also purchased two more vintage patterns off ebay.

Butterick 6201

Simplicity 1438

Saturday, May 31, 2014

C.A.R. Event Today

This morning our local C.A.R. society had a wreath laying ceremony at the grave of our namesake, Peggy Shaw, who was a 12 year old girl shot and killed at Hanna's Town in 1782 and is buried at Middle Presbyterian Church cemetery in Mount Pleasant.  Hanna's Town was the first seat of government in Westmoreland County, PA.

It was a beautiful ceremony and the weather was unbelievably perfect.  The year marked the 60th anniversary of the grave marker being placed there by our society.

After the ceremony we drove to Hanna's Town, had a nice picnic followed by our meeting and then toured the grounds and fort.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sunny Day Duck

I downloaded the free Sunny Day Duck embroidery pattern the other day at Embroidery Library.  It's cute as can be.  I embroidered it on a pillow case for one of the granddaughters.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Our newest litter of puppies arrived on Tuesday, April 29!  There were 10 in the litter.  First time mom, River Ridge Roxy, is doing well taking care of them herself.  I had the pups to the vet yesterday for dew claw removal and tail docking.  Because there are so many nursing I am feeding Roxy every couple of hours in addition to the Purina Pro Plan Performance Sport 30/20 I leave for her to eat when she wants to.  I'm frying up chicken livers and adding white rice and eggs; either chicken or duck.  We may end up having to supplement the pups by bottle feeding.  We'll see how she does.  German shorthair pointer pups start off with white bodies and dark heads with their dominant spots.  Their fur will start to darken in a few weeks.  At 12 to 14 days their eyes will open and then they'll start to get up on their legs to move around.  There are four females and six males.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Easter

We had our Easter dinner yesterday.  I cooked all day and the food was good!   Son #1 with his wife and daughter.  Son #2 with his girlfriend.  His girls had pinkeye and stayed home.  Her daughter was with her dad and couldn't be with us.  And, my mother in law.  It was a wonderful time together.

There was news to be heard of which I can't repeat for a while but it's all good!

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 7, 2014

McCalls Jumper Pattern 8288

I buy a lot of vintage patterns and sew for my granddaughters.  I buy what I like and think they would like to wear.  On Sunday I cut out McCalls 8288 which is a jumper pattern.  I went with version B which just pulls on right over the head.  Simple.  Pattern cover says it's a one hour pattern.  If I had sat there that long it might have only taken an hour but I took breaks and pressed the fabric pieces as I sewed them together.

I have the hemming left to do but want to measure for that while Jass is wearing the jumper.  The fabric I used is a middle to heavy weight 100% cotton fabric by Waverly which I thought might hold up better than light weight cotton.  It's pink, feels like denim or twill and is covered with dragonflies.  I think it's really cute.  It also has pockets.  Little girls like pockets.