Saturday, October 11, 2014

A Sweater for A Grandson

I've been trying to find the perfect yarn to knit a sweater for my soon to be born grandson.  Today I looked through my stash and found the perfect yarn!  100% Alpaca yarn in a beautiful Prussian blue.   I'm using the zzz-jumpsuit pattern by Pickles.  I'm hoping to have it finished by next Sunday.  Fingers crossed!

I need to find a pair of 16 inch size 9 circulars for the sleeves in order to finish.  I did eight buttonholes.  The yarn is so soft and warm.  The pattern called for knitting with two strands of yarn.  It's thick and lovely!

I finished the sweater just prior to leaving for the baby shower!  Now the sweater needs a matching hat.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Who knew that crabapples could be so delicious?

I picked these on Friday.  They turned into beautiful crabapple butter and the juice turned into jelly.  Yum!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Going Home

For the past five years I've wanted to go back home to West Virginia.  It just never panned out for me to do that, however, I received an invitation to the wedding of one of my first cousin's sons.  I couldn't refuse.

I drove almost six hours from my house to stay the weekend with my parents at my uncle's house.  It was a fabulous weekend.  I took a lot of photos.  I had a great time.  My brother drove up to attend the wedding.  If only my sister had been there.

The only thing I came back with besides memories was a sinus congestion, sore throat kinda thing.

Here's a photo of me, my brother and our parents.  No, my hair isn't short.  I had it up in a bun.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I haven't read the Outlander series of books by Diana Gabaldon.  I've only recently found her website online and then saw the promos on Dish for the Starz channel so I signed up.  

We've watched the first two episodes and, actually, I watched the first episode twice!  Love the series so far.  The characters are believable and charming.  It seems very historically accurate which makes me love it all the more.  The costumes are correct.  The food is correct.  Here's a video to watch.

I enjoy the series Reign, however, none of it is accurate.  It's more a fantasy series based on historical characters.  Outlander is something different entirely and there are NO commercial breaks!  

The one thing I should warn you is that there are some sex scenes which can be explicit.  I would not watch this series with children or even teenagers.  I read a post on one of the Outlander Facebook pages where a mother said she watches the show with her 15 year old daughter.  I thought it was rather lax judgment on her part as a mother.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Knitted Summer Top

July 28--I know it's way late in the summer to be knitting a summer top but I felt the urge to knit.  I really like Drops Design's 73-6 lace top pattern.  The version that I'm making is shown in their photos as a crop top.  No way I'm wearing a crop top.

I've already knitted 10 inches and figure I have another two to three inches before I start decreasing for underarms.  I've made mine in Rowan's linen cotton yarn.  I've made a few mistakes.  I'm having a hard time following the pattern the way it's written.

July 29--I got in a few more inches of knitting.  Started decreasing the underarm and neck area.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baking Bread with a Machine

I have three bread machines; a Panasonic, an Oster and a Toastmaster.  I've bought each of them at the thrift store.  The most I've spent has been $7.99.  Each one works fairly well while the Toastmaster does a better job than the others.

Yesterday I came across some machine bread recipes on Pinterest so I cleaned off the Toastmaster and made a simple loaf of grain bread.  The only changes that I made were to add 2 tsp sugar and 2 tsp of salt before I put in the flour.

I made the loaf above on Tuesday and the one below I made today (Thursday).

I made a blueberry lemon bread on Wednesday using blueberries I froze last summer.  It smelled good but there's a reason it called for dried blueberries and not fresh/frozen.  Too much extra liquid.  I should have reduced the milk to 1/4 cup.  I will try again!

What prompted this bread making is the fact that we buy bread once a week at The Country Pie Shoppe in Donegal.  They have fantastic bread, donuts and pies there but I know I can create something equally as tasty using my machine without spending extra money given that the ingredients are something I always have on hand.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

More Sewing for Girls

I love to hit thrift stores looking for sewing patterns and fabric.  Sometimes I buy used sheets, always in good condition, to cut up to use as fabric to make clothes.

The other day I stopped at the Goodwill store in Windber, PA and bought five patterns for 49 cents each.  I was happy.  Across the street was a JoAnn's Fabric store where I purchased lots more fabric.

I was able to make dresses this week for three of the granddaughters and plan to do more sewing next week.  Two of the dresses need to be hemmed.  I need the girls here to do that.

Dress for Dixie
Bicycle Dress for Jassmine
Little Dress for Beverly

Back view of the dress for Dixie.

I also purchased two more vintage patterns off ebay.

Butterick 6201

Simplicity 1438