Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yesterday at the cancer center

I had an appointment at the cancer center yesterday for my monthly port flush. I walked in the door and said to Crystal the receptionist that the pumpkins in the reception area were getting moldly so I was taking them home to feed to my goats and chickens. Last month they were decorating the center for Halloween along with spider webs and spiders hanging from the ceiling. I reminded her that I told her last month I would take them if she called. She forgot to call.

I got my port flushed and went back out to claim my pumpkins. Crystal had put them in a wheel chair. Some of the patients said, "Here comes the pumpkin lady." I laughed. Another person said that one of the pumpkins looked somewhat moldy. I told her the goats weren't picky they'd eat it anyway. Someone else told me to save the pumpkin seeds. I told him I would even though I've never had luck growing anything where we live. Too much clay and water.

Crystal and I wheeled the pumpkins out to my truck while snow poured down. Now that was funny! I drove out of the parking lot with six pumpkins rolling around on the floor in the back of my truck. I was afraid I'd get home and have smashed pumpkins all over the floor. Boy hubby would be mad!

One of the pumpkins must have weighed 30 lbs! I hauled it over to the goats and it busted when I threw it over the fence. The jumped right on it! The rotted one I threw in to the chickens. They weren't too excited over it. Usually they are. Maybe they don't like somewhat moldy pumpkins. I thought they'd go right for the seeds! I didn't think the ducks would eat a pumpkin so I didn't give them one. I left two pumpkins out for the bunnies to eat. When I got in from work today I noticed teeth marks on them. :)

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