Monday, December 1, 2008

1st Day of Deer Season

Today was opening day of deer season here in PA. Hubby went out with his brother and nephew on Saturday to put up their tree stands. He no longer hunts from a tree stand after a bad fall back in '99. He broke his left shoulder and right leg and ended up with Titanium bolts through the leg.

He had a conference call at 9:30 and left to go hunting after it ended. I got a text message from him about 3:30 in the afternoon letting me know he had shot a large buck. It had a 21 inch antler spread. It took him and another friend to drag it to the truck and hoist it up. We'll get it mounted.

His nephew shot a doe. This was his first time deer hunting! They drove to the butcher and dropped off their deer.

We called the taxidermy shop and it will be about 10 months before the mount is ready. He already has 80+ in the shop.

What an exciting day!

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