Monday, December 29, 2008

My Weekend

Saturday hubby went bird hunting with a friend from the NAVHDA chapter. They hunted with his Italiano Spinone (Pearl) and our German Shorthair Pointer (Bella). After hubby seeing 10 grouse last weekend and shooting one, they were disappointed not to see anything but a few deer.

He wanted to go to Warriorsmark on Sunday to hunt pheasants and chukkar but his brother wasn't able to go and couldn't find anyone else to go. Randy was taking his daughter snow tubing at Seven Springs so he wasn't available. I really wasn't interested in driving two hours up there only to sit in the truck the whole time and I couldn't sit in the clubhouse with Bernadette because I have a head cold and don't want baby Janice to get it.

So .... I suggested we drive to Greensburg to get our hair cut and then see a movie. We went to SuperCuts where Rachel did my hair then we walked to Boston Market and had lunch. Yum! Went to CVS for a few things and drove to the theater to see what was playing. We decided on the new Tom Cruise movie, "Valkyrie."

I absolutely LOVED this movie. If you come to the Urban household be prepared to see the History Channel on our tv almost every night of the week. We both love a suspense movie and this one was great! Our only regret was that they didn't succeed in killing Hitler when they had the chance! What a difference it would have made.

We came home, watched Supernatural and then played a game of Scrabble. It was a good day.

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