Saturday, December 6, 2008


Wow, Saturday already! This week has flown by.

My new MaryKay consultant stopped over on Tuesday. I had fun trying on new makeup.

On Thursday I took Sandy to the hospital to get pins in her thumb. First we went to Shadyside Hospital only to find out she was scheduled at Southside Hospital. 45 minutes went by before we could locate it. It's a little tiny hospital off of Carson St. Thank goodness I am somewhat familiar with Pittsburgh. I worked on Jassmine's sweater in the waiting room and got a lot done. It was really nice to be the caregiver instead of the patient today!

Yesterday my oldest son stopped over to pick up hubby's 30/30 rifle and some hunting clothes. Looks like it would be good to buy some hunting gear for him for Christmas.

I worked the festival yesterday. We had 20 kids from a private school in Latrobe, then 26 ladies stopped in from a club in Greensburg. We had two women who were interested in joining DAR so I had Rosalind take their names and contact information.

Mom called. She was missing me. The annual family get-together is this evening in Frederick, MD. We aren't going. Too much going on for us to drive down. I know we'll be missed.

Haven't heard from youngest son this week. He was supposed to be in Greene Co. for opening day of deer season. I don't know if he got his deer or not.

That's about it. I stopped by Tractor Supply after the festival and picked up some toys for Chucky and Shelby.

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