Thursday, January 29, 2009

One Week Later

... and the incision is healing pretty well.

I have allergic reactions to certain types of tapes so the hospital had a red wrist band labeled "Allergy" on me the day of the surgery. Doncha know I still had a reaction to the steri-strips they put over my incision?

I didn't make it to 48 hours before removing the steri-strips. I had blisters around the incision site and they itched like crazy. I called the doctor's office on Monday to let them know about it. I got a call back on Tuesday telling me I was correct to remove the strips.

Hardly any itching now and the redness from the blisters is starting to go away. The incision is still a little raised but it will probably go down in a few months.

I'm happy to have the port out.

I almost forgot to mention my little grey doe goat died. I don't know what happened to her. She was inside the house laying on her side like she was asleep. The other goats were outside eating. Very sad. She was so cute. She had little waddles on her neck area and had black legs.

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