Saturday, January 10, 2009

Other Blogs

Lately I've become addicted to reading other people's blogs. :) Mostly knitting blogs. I love to see the projects and yarns other knitters are working on.

I came across one the other day as I was Googling about tattoos and cancer. Mainly I was looking for tattoos people had gotten to cover their cancer surgery scars. I'm thinking about getting a small tattoo to cover the port scar on my chest after the port is removed.

Anyhoo I came across this one by a woman named Michelle who also has colon cancer. She had links on her site that I hadn't come across before. The Colon Cancer Alliance website is VERY interesting. It's got me to thinking about their UNDY 5000 fundraiser for colon cancer!

I'm checking with my sister in law, who is a colon cancer survivor for 16 years now (Yeah, go MaryAnn!!), and my sister, who is a runner along with her partner, to see if they'd also be interested. My sister had her colonoscopy and they found pre-cancerous polyps. Thank GOD she had her colonoscopy! So far my brother won't get tested.

Hubby wants to know why I'm looking at these websites. He finds it depressing but I find them inspirational! I was talking to the guys at Monro Muffler/Brakes in Greensburg the other day about getting tested by colonoscopy. If I don't speak up who will?

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Michelle said...

Carol - if we don't get the word out about these tests and prevention, who will? It's our duty as survivors to make sure that awareness is spread. I am so proud of you for talking with everyone about this - testing is the key to prevention, and people need to know that the test - well, it isn't that bad. Rock on, girl!!!