Thursday, January 8, 2009

PET Scan

I went for my PET scan on Tuesday. The bottom floor of Magee Women's Hospital is mostly the cancer floor. CT/MRI/PET is all done in this area way far away in the back portion of the hospital. Everything says Oncology. Just reading that word is SCARY! Thank goodness I've been through this before so I know what to expect.

Somehow I remember the pre med drink tasting better in June. LOL. The hardest part for me isn't the bloodwork, the IV (they can't access the port for PET scans, the contrast dye would blow the port out, or so they tell me), or the injection of radioactive isotopes. It's sitting in this room being quiet and not moving for an hour. This is next to impossible for me!

Finally my intense hour of sitting and doing nothing was up and Jerry came in to take me for the scan. I was really feeling anxious at this point. I know Dr. Moser said the cancer is gone but this is a test which will really prove it.

I absolutely hate the contrast dye injection. I feel so nauseas when the hot sensation flows from my head to my toes and back up. Thank God I didn't throw up! I laid there and my eyes started to tear up thinking, "This is it. This will prove the cancer is gone." It was still frightening to me because even though I wanted to stay positive and remain focused and hope/pray for the best I have this sinking feeling in the back of my head telling me (is this the devil?) that it might not be over yet.

I see Dr. Moser next week to go over the results from the PET scan and anything else. I'm hoping we can schedule the removal of my port. I will be so glad to get it out. It's been itching lately and I'm having a hard time sleeping on my right side because it starts to hurt.

Another PET scan in six months. Hopefully this will be OVER soon and we can really get on with our life!

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