Monday, January 19, 2009

Today was an expensive day!

Hubby was off work today which meant we spent the day together. :)

We got up early in order to get my truck down to the dealership to find out what, "Engine Override Mode," means. My truck shut down on me when I was driving the other day. We had a big snow and I'm out on the road and the daRn thing just locks up. The wheel locked, the lights went out and it just stopped. NOT a good thing to happen as I'm driving down the road with other vehicles behind me!

The diagnostic machine says my truck needs something called a Throttle Body Assembly whatever the heck that is! The dealership wants $480+ which included the $70 diagnostic test. We paid the diagnostic fee and hope to find both the part and the labor cheaper someplace else! OY!

Then we were off to get new tires on our one year old Jeep. $506 later we were out the door with our Cooper tires. Are you getting the feeling today is going to be a very expensive day?

Breakfast at Bob Evans and then over to Sam's Club to put in my prescription for new bifocals. Yep, I haven't been able to read anything without a magnifying glass for the last year. First I attributed it to the effects of being on Compazine to combat nausea due to Chemo. (I can't remember the name of the second anti-nausea medication I was on when Compazine stopped working. DaRn it! I hate forgetting stuff! <---It was ATIVAN!) Nope, the eye doctor said it was my age. OUCH!

My eyeglasses plus hubby's contacts were $386. ACK! Imagine how much more expensive it would have been had we gone somewhere else.

We got home and hubby plowed the driveway. Did I mention we got another boat load of snow over the past couple of days? I played around with my page at Facebook talking to my family and friends while he worked. I'm bad, I know.

I fixed chicken breasts, lima beans and rice for dinner. Yesterday we had leftover beef soup I made on Saturday. Boy it was good!

I wish he wasn't going back to work tomorrow. I enjoyed having him home. I didn't enjoy spending all this money today but whatcha gonna do?

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