Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Today was the visit with Dr. M. PET scan results were as expected ... clear! No more cancer. Get bloodwork done for CEA level. Get port taken out next week and see you in six months! WOWEEE! God is good!

Still, it was very hard to hear that I had already surpassed my life expectancy which was 18 months. I mean it's a good thing that I am still alive but a daRn sad thing to hear that we expected you to only live this long. My eyes teared up. I'm glad Sandy went along with me.

It will be so good to get his port out. It's been itching and making me have a hard time sleeping at night.

Mom's Uncle Denver Cook passed away last night. Such a wonderful man. So tall and handsome. Such a nice deep voice. Smoked a pipe which smelled like cherry tobacco and always called me Carolina. I'll miss you Uncle Denver.

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