Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day Trip

I woke up this morning to find that Phil decided to drive me in to Pittsburgh instead of me driving myself in. He was afraid I'd have a coughing attack and wreck. Well, I almost passed out once with one of those coughing attacks.

My appointment with Dr. Moser was at 11:15 but I got there about 10:30. The waiting room was full which isn't a good thing. I was sitting there hoping that not everyone there had cancer.

I got called in and a young woman from Carlow College asked me questions and an oriental doctor whose name escaped me asked me more questions. I really think no one had an idea why I was there. This isn't too humorous to me since we drove 60 miles in to see the doctor. I expect someone to have an idea why you're there.

I told them it was just a checkup after the port removal last month. Ah, so that's why you're here, not because of any cancer-related issues. No, no cancer. I'm fine. :) I never did see Dr. Moser although the young woman and the oriental doctor were very excited to meet me, saying mine was such a miraculous case. Yes, it was, and still is.

I left the office, walked down the street and caught a bus into downtown Pittsburgh. Met Phil at the office. Spoke to different people in his office, spoke to his manager. Everyone was excited to see me. Lots of hugs and kisses. Very eventful and nice.

We left the office and walked to the Civic Arena, picked up our car, drove to Olive Garden in Monroeville for lunch, then drove home. After which, I had a nap.

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