Friday, February 20, 2009


I'm not working today. I'm trying to get caught up with my DAR responsibilities. I missed a deadline on one of the forms. Thank goodness I work with good people who are on their toes and keep things running smoothly.

Chapter Credentials forms for state conference are done, thanks to Rosalind! We also had a new form this year relating to property owned by DAR chapters. Again, thanks to Rosalind this one was also done.

The Master Questionnaire was sent out on time. I finished the news release notifying newspapers about the women attending state conference. I just finished the yearly report which has to be emailed to our state recording secretary and our district director. This is the report which is read at state conference either by me or our vice regent.

I haven't been outside today except to walk Bella. Looks beautiful. All sunny skies and pretty white snow.

Yesterday was a blustery day. Very windy and snowing. I had an older woman come up to me at the post office and say what an awful day it was. I said I'm thankful to be alive today. I know what she was trying to say. She wasn't enjoying the weather. I'm just happy to be alive. I'll take whatever weather we're given! I'm going to enjoy my day. Praise God!

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