Saturday, February 28, 2009

Play Day

I'm recovering from yesterday's play day with granddaughter Jassmine and her brother Chucky.

It was raining when I picked them up. I planned to take them to one of those play yards at McDonalds only the McDonalds in Mount Pleasant is outdoors so I drove to South Greensburg's Burger King which has an indoor play yard.

I could barely get them to eat lunch before they wanted to play. I made them eat everything before we went inside. Had to delay it a little bit due to someone needing a diaper change.

Inside the play yard we went. You should have seen Jassmine's eyes when we went inside! Off went the shoes and up inside the jungle gym Chucky went. Little sister tried to follow but was too small. She made it inside the first section which had a steering wheel and some other type of wheels to turn.

I looked around and saw there were no adults looking so I took off my boots and grabbed Jassmine and up into the jungle gym we went. She was fine as long as I was behind her. When we got to the big slide she started to cry and turn around to leave so I grabbed her and went inside. Ow, I pulled a stomach muscle and ended up upside down and backwards going head first down the slide. Faster and faster it went and I was screaming! Oh heavens what did I get myself into!

Finally out we come onto a rubber mat. It wasn't the softest surface for a landing. Jassmine was laughing and I was tired out. We played there for two hours. Wow! I took lots of pics of the kids. Thank goodness no one came in to complain about me being an adult in the kids jungle gym! HAHA

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