Monday, March 9, 2009

Don't People Think Before They Speak?

What is it that causes people to utter incredibly insensitive remarks? I have had so many people say things to me which are hurtful and insensitive after I've shared with them my ordeal with cancer and that I am now a survivor.

Do they think that by telling me how many people they know who have cancer or who have died from cancer that I will somehow feel so much better? Do they actually think about what it is they are saying before it comes spewing forth from their lips? Did something in the brain misfire? Don't they realize how much better it would have been to offer up a word of prayer?

I have gotten to the point that I tell people I would much rather hear something positive. Not everyone dies from cancer. There are good outcomes. Dwell on the positive not the negative.

And, what makes doctors tell you that you've lived longer than they thought you would. Ouch! I am thankful for every day that God gives me. Isn't there a way to discuss this time issue by making a positive remark instead; i.e., "It's such a wonderful thing that God answered prayers and gave you this miracle. We are so happy for you and are happy to be a part of it." Please don't tell me you're surprised I'm still alive. Good heavens, no one wants to hear that! Just one bad comment could send a person into a bout of depression they might not recover from.

I try to always be positive. I think about what I say before I say it. If it isn't positive then I keep my mouth shut. What's the point of speaking if it isn't beneficial?

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