Sunday, March 15, 2009

Good Weekend!

This has been a good weekend!

Yesterday was our DAR meeting. We had good attendance and the lunch was really nice. Gotta love those finger sandwiches. I had four. :)

We were honoring our American History Essay contest winners. This year we had 33 essays! Vice Regent, Nancy Wood, always does a terrific job with the students. She will make a good Regent next term.

We had four winners attend the meeting and read their essays. Excellent essays this year! Proud parents were also in attendance.

Phil and I had dinner at Denny's in Latrobe then went to Ricky Beers to pick up quail for Phil's training day today. Met Ricky's girlfriend Erica. Such a sweet young woman. They are expecting their first child. The nursery was absolutely adorable. Made me long for more grandchildren!

We headed to the mall. I wanted to do a little shopping before the mall closed. I have been looking for a new pair of earrings and found a pair I wanted to buy. The sales clerk could not get the SKU tags to work on the computer so I have to go back another day.

Went downstairs and bought the most luxurious towels! They reminded us of the colors of Sanibel Island. Such a lovely shade, between a turquoise and seafoam. The tags called the color WAVE. Just gorgeous. I couldn't wait to get home and put them up in our bathroom!

Haven't heard from Phil this morning. I hope his training day is going well. He took Bella, Opal and Reno so everything is quiet here. The only things I hear outside are cars driving by, chickens cackling and the occasional goat asking when I'm going to come outside to see him/her. They love to be petted and have their necks scratched.

Randy called last night. He's picking up the steer meat from the butcher this afternoon. He'll call on the way home and we'll go over to pick up the meat. I bought half a steer. That should fill up our freezer. I'm giving some to Joe and Ralph. When mom and dad come up I'll send them home with some, too.

Oh, I'm not sure if Joe and Ralph have made up but Chucky and Jassmine were at Ralph and Jess' house last night. That's a good sign. I stopped over to pick up a cooler to transport the meat. It was so nice to see my little granddaughter. I asked if I could have a hug and she reached for me and gave me a big hug. So nice! I was so happy! Really made my day.

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