Thursday, March 26, 2009

Psyched about tomorrow!

Tomorrow is almost here! I am SO excited to be spending the day with Phil. We're going to drive to Bedford to eat lunch at the Jean Bonnet Tavern. We have eaten there four times. Each time was a special day.

The first time was November 11, 2000 when we settled on the construction loan to build our log house. Number two was my birthday one year. Number three was a few days after I was diagnosed with colon cancer. We were scared but wanted to do something special to mark the day as a day of remembrance. Number four was this past July. We met my sister and her partner Jill for dinner to celebrate my birthday and see each other before my surgery.

This time will be a day of thankfulness for what God has given us. The Tavern is very special to us. It's fitting we should be there to celebrate another special day.

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