Monday, April 27, 2009

It's been a while

Jess and Ralph were over on Friday night. She commented that I hadn't posted anything to this blog in a while. I thought on that and here I am.

I found this great new site called Fabulously40&Beyond. I've been blogging there since April 1.

The weather this weekend has been so gorgeous. Sunny blue skies and 80+ degree weather. If I could wear a bikini this would be the weather for it. Not sure if I should be laying out in the sun after my cancer experience but I do enjoy it even if I do burn.

Scared about the Swine Flu outbreak. Worried about Jess and Ralph traveling to Mexico for their honeymoon this summer. Thinking they should postpone a trip to Mexico or try to find another place to go. Hoping the CDC gets those vaccines out to public health agencies ASAP. Praying that no one I know comes down with this.

Jess' bridal shower is this coming weekend. I'm looking forward to it. Disappointed that folks I invited (both friends and family) aren't going to make it.

Was happy to see Jassmine on Friday. Jess and Ralph brought her and Chucky over. Ralph and Phil were sanding off the rust from the boat trailer. Jassie was so funny with the goats. She was trying to talk to them in this funny jibberish.

Right now she's teething. I think her molars are coming in. I bought her and Chucky new clothes at Kmart. Funny thing was I couldn't find socks for them. There was nothing in the kids department. I need to go back and look again. He needs underwear. Jess said that Joe and Chrystal didn't send any clothes or shoes other than what they were wearing and no diapers for Jassie. This dress is a 3T. I bought size 8 for Chucky.

Totally forgot to mention that my colonoscopy was clean. My colon was very pretty and pink. I saw the screen. Was really disappointed that they only gave me Fentanyl and Vercet for pain. They did not put me to sleep like the last two times. I felt pain and I cried through the whole thing. Dr. McGrath said I had a lot of scar tissue built up from the surgeries. BUT I don't have to have another one for TWO YEARS! So, my next follow up will be in July for my PET scan followed by a visit with Dr. Moser. Here's praying that I continue to be cancer free.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

C is for Colonoscopy

Tomorrow is colonoscopy day at UPMC! Whoohoo ... not.

Today I've had one glass of water and two Bismodyl pills. Have to start drinking the cherry flavored crud in exactly three minutes. Last time it was the orange flavor and I can't stand that flavor anymore. So, I've moved on. Two minute count down.

Such is what happens as part of follow up after colon cancer. One minute left. Better go downstairs and get the first glass of the crud. Glad I'm near the toilet.

Okay, it's not nearly as bad as the Go-Lytely solution. This is Half-Lytely. Tastes like cherry and not like cherry flavored salt water.