Thursday, May 7, 2009

23 Minutes

until tomorrow! Phil is sleeping soundly. I can hear the ducks quacking outside. They must talk in their sleep. All of the other animals are sleeping and are quiet, which is wonderful.

Today was a really nice day. It didn't rain. The sun was out and the temp got around 71 here at the house. I turned off the furnace and opened the windows. Nice.

I worked this morning. Got a lot done. I did errands on the way home and stopped to see Ralph and bought lunch then went to see Jess and gave her a sandwich Ralph had made for her.

Baby girl woke up while I was there so I picked her up and as soon as I did she started farting which was probably the reason she smiled at me. Once the farting turned to pooping I passed her off to Jess. I was so outta there!

Phil and I had dinner at Denny's. Actually I had pancakes and he had a waffle so that was breakfast for dinner. We had a good waitress.

Afterwards we stopped by Walmart and he came back out with a flower bouquet for me. That was SO nice and very much appreciated. :)

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