Sunday, May 31, 2009

43 Days and Counting

Yesterday we visited with Ralph and Jess. She has a little calendar at the door which said, "44 Days Left!" That makes today's count down 43 days until their wedding. Hoping I will still fit into the dress I bought to wear.

That breadmaker I picked up at the thrift store yesterday works great. I made two loaves of bread in it. It even has a programmable feature to allow you to set it to start up to 13 hours later. Really cool.

Phil had a work party/training day with the bird dog club today. He brought a small pizza home for lunch and I fixed French toast for dinner using the fresh bread I made today. Very good.

I noticed another three yellow peeps in the chicken house this morning.


Daria said...

I was raised on the farm and the chicks are the cutest. Oh my goodness.

Tracy said...

oh how i miss eating bread!! Your homemade bread sounds yummy. And French toast! NO i cannot eat bread! lol