Thursday, May 21, 2009


3:45 p.m. Come on over. I'm fixing fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn for dinner. I invited the kids over. Ralph and Jess are coming. Joe and Chrystal, and the kids couldn't make it. I'm hungry now.

What a beautiful day it's been. I sat out this morning and got sun kissed. Not burned, just a touch of sun on the shoulders. Brought out all the freckles.

All the animals are fed. Managed to do a few loads of laundry today. The only thing left is to start dinner which is what I'm heading to do now. Wish me luck!

8:46 p.m. Dinner was wonderful. Everything tasted so good. I sent leftovers home with the kids. I had forgotten how long it took to peel potatoes. I don't remember ever frying chicken in my life. With making the coating and then deep frying, it took about 45 minutes. Then I baked in the oven at 375 degrees for an hour. I fixed three packages of chicken (thighs and drumsticks). The mashed potatoes were so yummy! Glad I sent it all home with them or I'd be eating them right now. giggle

Phil is watching the Penguins playing the Hurricanes in the playoffs. They just made an announcement about a young boy named Bryce who was diagnosed three years ago with Melanoma. He gave a ballcap to Sidney Crosby through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Great thing is that Bryce has been cancer-free for two years now! Yeah! Way to go Bryce! More good news! Not all cancer patients die. A lot of us LIVE!


Monica said... dinner sounds yummy! I cooked a huge pot of fresh green beans with new red potatoes, onions, and a ham hock on Sunday afternoon and have enjoyed them all week! Have a great weekend Carol!

Monica Lorenzano

Carol Urban said...

Thank you, it was good! I surprised myself!