Friday, May 22, 2009

I was thinking last night

that next week, or to be more precise, May 27 of next week, will have been one year since I received my last chemo treatment! Isn't that amazing? I had been told that I would be on chemo for the rest of my life. Of course, they never said exactly how long my life was going to be or what they thought the life expectancy was.

Over Memorial weekend last year we were at Kim and Jill's. Kim's son Jeff, Mom and Dad, Greg and his two kids (Grant and Haley), plus me and Phil. It was a full house but I had so much fun when I wasn't puking from chemo. Ah, remembrance!

I was about to write that the only good thing to come out of chemo was that I lost weight but that's not true, I was cured. God and chemo equals cure for cancer.

Phil and I were discussing that 13 year old boy from MN who has Hodgkins. He did one session of chemo and quit. Doctors have said he has a 95 percent chance of full recovery by completing the chemo treatment. His parents are wanting to try holistic medicine instead of chemo. His doctors have said without chemo he only has a 5 percent chance to live.

What are his parents thinking? Be the parent here! Make a difficult choice and take your child for treatment and make sure that he gets it so he can live. Too many parents want to be friends with their children instead of being a parent. I wasn't raised that way and I didn't raise my sons that way either.

I didn't want to do chemo but my parents and Phil told me I had to. So, I did it. And, even with the discomfort and side effects from chemo I am glad I did.

Thank you God for another day! I am one of your living miracles.

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Tina said...

We have been following the story about the boy with cancer also (its on the news alot here), and all I have to say is I believe the treatments they have now, and the skill of the docs are GOD given. God created the treatments and the cures. Why would anybody deny that boy a chance to live? So frustrating!
On a brighter note--that supper sounded mighty good! Now I have a craving for mashed potatoes!!
:-) Tomorrow we'll be grilling-yum!