Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kennel building

One of our contractors, Andy, stopped by today to talk about the kennel building. He's going to start next week, if the weather permits, with putting in drainage pipe around the building.

I just spoke with Randy about what we're doing with the in floor radiant heat for the building. I'm going to need to line up an electrician. Andy suggested a friend of his. I think his kids went to school with my sons.

Phil and I have to draw out where we want drainage, water lines, the water heater, the sink, etc. inside the kennel. Andy wants it on paper so he can work off it.

We might not finish this job this year depending on costs involved. It's been a work in progress for three years now. I would have liked to get it completely done but we've got a wedding this summer and taxes to pay. We'll do what we can.

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