Monday, May 4, 2009

May 2, 2009 Bridal Shower Weekend

The weekend was great. My parents came in. Mom and I went to Jessica's bridal shower and dad went fishing with Ralph. Ralph caught a fish. Jess, on the other hand, reeled in some big stuff at her bridal shower!

One of the guests mentioned something called a Groom's Shower where instead of a bachelor party the guests bring tools and gadgets the groom will need in the future. Cool idea!

Ralph, dad and Chucky tried to fish but got rained out big time. It rained all weekend. Jassmine went to Jessica's bridal shower. Chrystal and Shelby were there, too. Here's a really cute pic of Jassmine with one of Jessica's friend's little boy Noah.

Here's one of Jess with Jassmine. Most of the pics I took were of Jess opening gifts.

Jess' aunt made her hat. It had lots of bling and a white lace train on the back of it. Really cute! Of course my DIL looked absolutely beautiful and my granddaughter was as cute as a button (as usual). giggle

Mom and I went shopping after the shower. Mom found two dresses at Sears and I found a dress for the wedding. We both found shoes. I wish we had gotten dad or Phil to take pics of our dresses so we could see how they look in pics before we wear them.

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