Monday, May 11, 2009

Past few days

I found a place online to do the ABBA (American Brace Beagling Association) decals for a really decent price. Very happy with that! They even sent an online coupon for 10% off!

There was an informational meeting on the Children of the American Revolution prior to our DAR meeting on Saturday. We need at least eight children in order to reorganize the old Peggy Shaw Society. Peggy Shaw was a child killed by Indians at Hannastown. I'm going to work on applications for my granddaughter, my niece and nephew. Ages for joining are birth to age 21.

Yesterday, Mother's Day, we went to Spring Church beagle club's licensed trial. We ran Spice and Philly. Philly is one of Honeysuckle's pups. She needs a little more work to build up her confidence in working with another dog. Spice did an awesome job. I was very happy with her. I won't say what I thought of the judging. Let it go with the fact that what they did was totally against what's written in the judge's rule book. I didn't have a problem with them bringing back the dog that won because she deserved to win. She is a great dog.

Ralph and Jess came over at 5 p.m. yesterday. We ordered pizza for dinner. I enjoyed them coming over.

I worked today. The kennel inspector came over to look at Randy's kennel. He inspects licensed kennel owners every six months. The farrier was also there working with his horses. It was a good day.

Came home and took a nap. I'd sure like to know what's up with that. It feels like I need one every day. I thought it would only last through chemo but here it is a year later and I'm still napping. Just think, I used to fight my mother to take a nap when I was a child! haha

On the way home from the field trial yesterday we stopped for ice cream. Phil had a twist cone and bought a blizzard for me. It tasted so good but it burned a big blister on my lip. I couldn't finish the ice cream it hurt so bad. I haven't had any continued side effects from chemo (Oxaliplatin) other than the occasional eyes burning when they tear up but this really hurt. I hope that's the last I ever experience of it.

Phil is working from home tomorrow so I'll stay home, too, and enjoy his company.

P.S. He's still downstairs watching hockey! When's it ever gonna end?

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