Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Sunday then comes Monday!

It's quiet here at the house but I like it like that. I hate yelling, loudness and confusion. It does wacky things to my psyche.

Yesterday was Jassmine's Dora Birthday Party. It was at her other grandmother's house (MiMi). It was very nice. Lots of good food and a beautiful Dora cake. Loads and loads of pics were taken although I can't post any of them because I left my camera at MiMi's. Chrystal called and I told her I'd pick it up this week at her house.

I've been working on the cookbook fundraiser for our DAR chapter for the past couple of nights and all day this morning. We have 115 recipes posted and need at least 300 to get a good price on having them printed. Lots of yummy recipes! Making me super hungry.

Phil went to run dogs at the beagle club this morning. He got a call from a friend who bred our bitch, Scotch Hill Spice, to his stud, Prime Time Johnny B. Anyway, Phil had to drive over to Coraopolis to pick her up.

I got done feeding animals yesterday and was turning over logs in the yard so the chickens could eat the worms I uncovered and what did I uncover? A baby copperhead snake. Of course I didn't know what type of snake it was so I went to pick it up and it tried to bite me. It didn't pierce the skin, thankfully. I put it in a bucket and had Phil take a look at it. Definitely a copperhead.

Phil took a pic of it with the old camera. It was about six inches long. He turned it loose near the stream. Just worries me because where there's one snake there's lots more and copperheads are poisonous. We will have to be so very careful walking in the yard, watching the kids when they come over and making sure we don't turn over any logs.

Phil wants to go see the movie Angels & Demons starring Tom Hanks. Looking forward to seeing it with him. Looking forward to movie theatre popcorn! <---The movie was great. We both enjoyed it and the popcorn! :)


treeroots said...

Thank god the snake didn't pierce the skin!
I love reading your blog.


Carol Urban said...

Thanks Kris! I see you are a DAR just like me. Will definitely check out your blog. Do you have any ancestors from Virginia?