Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today was

such a gorgeous day. Beautiful blue, sunny skies with gorgeous white clouds. I think the temp reached about 75. So nice!

I worked from 11-3 today which was nice. I'm going to go in earlier tomorrow. Have to go grocery shopping on the way home tomorrow. I invited Joe, Chrystal and the kids over for dinner Thursday night. I asked Ralph and Jess to come over but she said Ralph wants to go fishing. :( I guess he's going to miss a good meal.

Phil and I bought our fishing licenses yesterday then he looked at the guns on display at Walmart and decided to buy me a 20 gauge shotgun. It's a youth model and it's light so I'm sure I can shoot it. Now we have to practice. Of course, I still have to take a hunter safety course before I can get a hunting license but it will be fun.

We ran into Cherish while we were at Walmart. It was so good to see her. She said she's getting married next year. She was a part of our lives for more than two years. It's hard to let that go.

I ran on the treadmill tonight. Phil wanted to go on a walk outdoors but I'm too afraid of getting hit by a vehicle on the road. Too dangerous. I'll use the treadmill.

Jess' grandmother had another heart attack. Jess was at the hospital. The doctors will be doing a heart catherization(sp?) on her.

Phil's already in bed. Last night we had a beagle club meeting and didn't get home until after 9:30. It was after midnight when we finally went to bed. We stayed up and watched the season finale of 24.

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