Friday, May 22, 2009

What is with Mrs. Pigeon?

She is trying to build a nest above the door on the back porch and I am not happy one bit.

She and her mate have an old, above ground, rabbit cage that they have nested in. At least I know baby pigeons were hatched in it last year. Her mate has a tag on his leg but she doesn't. Maybe she was the one hatched last year. The rest of them flew out of the cage and were eaten by a hawk. Phil said they were traumatized by seeing their family members eaten. I don't think so. They still come out every day.

We've had phoebes nest above the door on the front porch every year since we built our house. This year they decided to build nests in the puppy whelping shed.

I'm going to suggest to Phil that once Mr. and Mrs. Pigeon go back to their cage to roost, that he lock the door on them so they can't get back out.

Update: Bad news. Mr. Pigeon bit the dust sometime yesterday. He's nowhere to be found which means he got eat up. Goodbye Mr. Pigeon. Sorry. Have to say Mrs. Pigeon is just not the same without you.

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