Monday, June 29, 2009

So Excited!

Got a call this afternoon about my embroidery machine. It's working just fine. The service technician cleaned it up, oiled it and put in the "correct" size bobbin. Hmmm, guess that's what was wrong with it! I am so excited to be getting it back and look forward to making my first embroidered whatever! :) The only embroidery cartridge I have is of the rodeo. I bought it off of ebay. It has buck broncking boys and barrel racing girls. Cool!

I thought it would be fun to put something embroidered with girl barrel racers onto Kristina's quilt but I never was able to do that. The quilt is still a work in progress. I could really use a queen size quilting frame. The one I have which was my Granny Pack's isn't wide enough to accommodate a quilt this size. If anyone has a used quilting frame you want to part with please give me a heads up!

I could really use a few extra hands to help with the quilting. If someone has a quilting machine let me know the cost to finish a quilt for me. Thanks!


What a nice weekend! I spent all Saturday working on a dress and panties set for Jassmine. I finished the dress and have everything almost finished on the panties, I need her waist and upper thigh measurements for the elastic. That's it and it's done. I think I did a really nice job.

Phil bought me the new sewing machine three years ago for my birthday. With going through cancer, surgeries and treatment it didn't get much use. Hopefully, that has changed and I make the time to create lots of gorgeous things!

I also worked on a ladies beret in pink acrylic yarn that I plan to donate as a chemo hat. Right now I'm really hating the pattern I picked out. I'm going to rip out the last 15 rows and do over. Note to self: chemo patients don't have much hair so the hat doesn't need to be quite so large. Think skull cap instead. I came across some fabulous skull cap designs on Friday by Kody May. Here's one that I like real well. And this one!

I decided I'm going to frog the hat and start over using the same yarn but attempting one of Kody May's gorgeous hat patterns instead!!! Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


It was very sad today to read that Farrah Fawcett lost her battle with anal cancer. The news report I read said she was first diagnosed in 2006 and had traveled to Germany and the U.K. in search of various forms of treatment.

It was very brave of her to put herself out there for public viewing when she aired a documentary on her cancer treatment this past May. I did not watch the show but I know a lot of people who did and they were impressed with what she had to say and the strength she showed and the incredible courage it took to do it.

When all is said and done we are all just people struggling to survive and make it from one day to the next. I am thankful that she is no longer suffering with cancer and that God has granted her a place in Heaven. God grant us grace and dignity in our final hours. Amen.

Yesterday, All My Memories Seem

So Far Away .....

I got to the chapter house around 10 after 9 yesterday morning. Roz came in a few minutes later and we went upstairs to work on the program book for next year. Many changes and corrections.

Got to Jessica's around 5 after 1. All the babies were down for naps so I watched CSI reruns. I got snookered by Maddy. She yelled, "I woke up!" So I got her out of bed and then got even more snookered (I must not remember being a child at all!) by her brother Brandon who said, "Can we have an ice pop? Miss Jessica says it's okay." So I gave them each an ice pop. I mean, big deal, it's a popsicle in a plastic tube. Maddy couldn't get the ice to move up the tube. So I had to keep moving it up for her. When Jess got home she said, "Maddy, why aren't you in bed?" Ah, so busted! All of us. Jess and I talked for about half an hour then the babies woke up. Alex cries all the time but baby Audrey is so pleasant. She just smiles and does her thing while he wants to be held the whole day.

I left around 3:10 and went over to the Gloria Horn sewing studio to drop off my embroidery machine. First thing they say to me is that I have the embroidery thread on backwards! Heavens, maybe that's why the thread breaks! The bobbin is plastic and had small nicks in it. Another reason for thread breakage. I looked at all the new models. Does anyone want to know the cost on them? Upwards of thousands of dollars. It was a beautiful store, and even better, I got to talk to my ex-oncology nurse who is part owner. That was great! I left there at 4 p.m. and with all the detours around Greensburg and Latrobe I didn't get home until almost 5 p.m.!

Today I plan to lay out on my new chaise lounge in the back yard. What a fabulous day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Seagram's presents Escapes ...

the Orange, Pineapple Bahama Mama Escape. Ah, to drink a 12 ounce bottle is to escape to a distantly warm place, sink my feet in the sand and lean back and relax to the sounds of waves crashing on the beach and seagulls calling. Hmmm, paradise. I am so there. Yum.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bad Dreams

I must be really worried about the upcoming PET scan because Phil said I woke him up screaming, "Oh, dear Jesus!" sometime during the night/early morning hours on Sunday. He thought I was channeling his grandma for a minute. He rubbed my shoulder until I fell back to sleep.

I remember having a bad dream early Monday morning, as well. I dreamt that Dr. Moser told me my CEA levels were steadily rising and that my PET scan revealed spots on the lungs and brain. Is this what it's going to be like for the next five years? I feel so stressed thinking "what if......"

This is difficult. Is every cancer patient/survivor going through this?

I feel good. I don't think God would allow me to suffer with cancer a second time.

The clock went off at 7 a.m. this morning. I kept thinking why doesn't someone turn that music down? :) I finally woke up and got myself out the door to meet another DAR member in Somerset to discuss our fundraiser for the State Regent's Project. Such a sweet young woman. It was a pleasure to meet her.

I left there about 11:30 and headed over to Tractor Supply and then next door to Salvation Army thrift store. Love that place! I was looking for Barbies and toys for Jassmine to play with when she comes over. I bought some Barbie furniture. She should have fun with that. Would like to find a Barbie dreamhouse. I found a pair of size 7 jean shorts for Chucky. Also, picked up a PFD for Jassie to wear if the kids take her out in the boat.

Yesterday I had a bunch of errands to do and with detours around Greensburg I ended up at the Gloria Horn sewing shop. I stopped in to find out how much it would cost to take a look at my Brother PE150 embroidery machine. I bought it a couple years ago at the thrift store for $49. I thought it would be fun to play around with it and at $49 if I couldn't get the thing to work I wasn't out a ton of dough. The only thing I can find wrong with it is the tension is set too high and I can't adjust that. I have no idea where the adjuster is.

When I start the machine it breaks thread. Anyway, they charge $79.95 to take a look at it. I'm hoping if anything is wrong with it the cost won't be major to have it repaired. One of my nurses from the cancer center is a part owner in the business. She is supposed to be in there tomorrow afternoon so I want to stop by to see her and drop off the machine.

I'm going to the chapter house tomorrow morning to work on our program book with the girls. Jess asked me to stop over to watch the kids for her in the afternoon. I think she has a doctors appointment. Last time I watched the kids I put my back out bending over to pick one of the babies up out of the swings. They are low rider swings. {Think Low-Ri-der by ZZ Top!}

I came home from my meeting in Somerset, made phone calls regarding the fundraiser and got a call from Randy. He needed me to check on a part for a furnace. The furnace is not one that we carry parts for but I was able to locate the part and called him back to let him know how much it cost. Afterwards I took a short nap.

I've got to get out and feed animals, and then start dinner for me and Phil. Last night was Cracker Barrel and we can't do that every night. I was up past midnight downloading our banking transactions into Quicken. Can't eat out every night or we won't have any $$. Phil gently reminded me that he gets up at 4 a.m. and to shut the light out. giggle I said, "Yes, daddy."

Oh, my parents will be up this Friday! They are coming in for Aunt Barb and Uncle Edmund's party on Sunday for their granddaughter Francesca. She is graduating from high school.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yesterday's Relay for Life Event

This was the second year we've attended the Relay for Life event in Latrobe. Last year I had finished with chemo and was waiting out the eight weeks before my next cancer surgery. It was a difficult time. Almost all of the speakers at the event were doing memorials to people who had died. That was hard. It wasn't an overly positive experience and we left early. We were just praying that I would be one of the survivors and, here I am a year later!

This year's event was a very positive one. We all know that people die from cancer but not everyone dies. An overwhelming number of survivors were there to take their survivor lap around Keener Field. I was happy and proud to be among them.

Thank you God for another year of life! It has been an amazing year!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Relay for Life

Tomorrow is the American Cancer Society's annual Relay for Life at Keener Field in Latrobe. Last year we got cooked sitting in the sun. Tomorrow we will probably get rained on. giggle Should make things very interesting!

I'm very excited to be getting my second link. As a cancer survivor you get a link for every year you are still alive since your initial diagnosis. Mine is two years. My sister in law, Mary Ann, will be getting her 17th link! She also had colon cancer.

I spent an incredible amount of time yesterday working on DAR activities. Getting things resolved with my Chapter Credentials at National, working on my chapter's annual program booklet, updating our chapter website, writing thank you notes to members, and helping to organize our luncheon for our State Regent's Project. I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment getting all that done!

Meeting my MaryKay rep in Ligonier. Be back in a while!

I'm back. Ooooh, I got so many goodies from Donna this time! I'm going to look so purty. giggle Reminds me of when the Avon lady would come to visit my mom when we were little. I loved sneaking the little samplers of lipstick and trying them on. hehe

I drove over to see Jess and drop off the gift I had made for her. My girlfriend CindyLou from Light Fandango Candles made a beach themed gift basket with candles and bath goodies in it. I'm going to look for her website address and post it here. Okay, here it is Light Fandango Candles. She has wonderful things! Check them out for yourself!

What a gorgeous day today! I think it was about 80 degrees out and it's been sunny for most of the day although it does look like another storm approaching. When I drove over to see Jess I had to detour over to Latrobe and backtrack. Route 130 was closed outside of Pleasant Unity. A bridge got flooded out. In fact, I saw a lot of downed trees. The storm the other night was really bad. I read in this morning's paper that Westmoreland County declared a state of emergency. Not really sure what that means but my direct route to her house was blocked and I was not happy. That detour cost me half an hour.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So many errands yesterday. I managed to work an entire day in only three hours yesterday. Prior to that was errands and after work, more errands.

I woke up at 7 a.m. No idea why. Obviously someone was thinking of me and woke me up! I called Phil to check on him, just in case. Wasn't him.

Randy called at 8:30 telling me to get up. I told him I'd already been up for an hour! He said, "we're doing something different today." Hmmm? What does THAT mean? Today he was cutting hay and wanted me to come in and drive his truck while he and Punky loaded the hay into it. Okay, weird but not over the top. I went in.

Thankfully I get paid in bales of hay. Even though I put sunscreen on and wore a ballcap I still got sunburnt.

Got home at 4:30 and need to feed animals now before it rains, which was the whole reason he asked me to come in and help; wanted to get that hay into the barn before it got rained on and ruined. Glad we got that done. That wagon load of hay will probably feed my goats all winter.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today was beautiful

The weather was so nice out although it didn't get over 73. I slept until 9:30 and Phil came home from training dogs in Kittanning around 12:30. Ralph and Jess came over to borrow the boat. They were going fishing at Donegal Lake.

We went to Ollie's because I wanted to look for chaise lounge chairs. We found two and bought them. Decided to stop for lunch at Eat N Park in Latrobe. We had a really funny waitress named Judy.

We came home and Phil fed and watered dogs while I fed chickens. He fed the goats, ducks plus the pigeons. His quail ran off the other day so there's a few less birds to feed now.

I need to stop and buy a few more bags of dog food tomorrow. Can't forget I need to pick up hay from Randy. Also, need a couple bags of corn plus scratch mix.

Note to self: You need to stop by the chapter house after work tomorrow and pick up the bag of garbage in the kitchen that you forgot to take home with you after the meeting on Saturday.


I got up at 7:30 and got ready for my DAR meeting. I opened up for the hostess committee (I was also on it). Lunch was lovely. Susan Zylka, who has just about run the exhibits at the Westmoreland County Fair, was the head of our committee. Gosh, what a lovely woman, and can she cook! Her daughter, Margaret, was also on committee, and is just as talented as her mother. They created the most delicious sandwiches along with fruit kabobs. Jane Donohue brought a cake. Yum, lunch was wonderful! Also, served peach tea. I didn't leave hungry, that's for sure!

I got home at 3:00 and was greeted by Phil, Ralph, Jessica and Jassmine! Jassie and Jess were peering out the window from the great room. giggle It warmed my heart to see them!

Jassie was very attentive today. She must have slept well and woke up on the right side of the crib. Jess and I talked while Jassie ran around playing. I have got to get new toys although she does enjoy the Barbie and Ken dolls and furniture.

I started on dinner thinking the kids would stay. Ralph and Phil were out working on the boat trailer. Needed repainting and rewiring. I am quite proud that they got that done.

I put ingredients in the breadmaker for fresh bread. Jassie tilted her head and looked at it. Huh? She wanted to see what was making "the noise," so I picked her up and she looked down inside of it and laughed. Then I started frying chicken. I cut up squash and zucchini and fried it in a skillet, added parmesan and romano cheese, and then threw in frozen peas. I boiled water and added penne pasta. When finished, I added the vegetables, tossed in butter and added more parmesan and romano cheese, plus a little salt and pepper. I also baked a pan of brownies. Dinner was very good. I sent the leftovers home with Jess and Ralph.

After dinner I cleaned up, got on the computer for a little bit and then Ralph took Jess and Jassie home. When he came back, he and Phil took the boat out to Donegal and fished. Phil got back in around 11:30. He said they only caught one fish. I'm glad they had a good time!

I truly enjoyed my day! Thank you Heavenly Father for another day!

Friday, June 12, 2009

This is it!

I slept until 10 this morning. Phil came up to wake me up by telling me he had biscuits. Snort-snort. Like a little pig following the farmer looking for scraps to eat.

So it's the last day of his vacation but he gets four more weeks. I asked him to take a week towards the end of next month.

I had jewelry sent out for repairs so we picked that up today; three watches and one pair of earrings. We had a late lunch at Applebees. Yum. Phil worked on the boat trailer today. He put another coat of paint on it and also installed new lights.

I have DAR tomorrow. I'm opening up at 10:30 for the hostess committee. We should be done early. The person scheduled to do our program is ill. June's meeting is usually not well attended. Too many people with other activities.

I invited my parents up next weekend for the Relay for Life event but they can't make it. I will get my second link this year. Last year we attended while I was finishing up with chemo. It was during the day and I got sunburnt. This year it's at 6 pm.

It's 8:15 and the Penguins are playing the LAST game of the Stanley Cup playoffs! It will finally be OVER! Woo-hoo!

Was supposed to go with Jess to meet with the photographer this evening but Ralph let me know I didn't need to go. I can pick out the photos I want after the proofs come back.

We met with Karen at Foggy Mountain the other evening. They have a new chef. We discussed the rehearsal dinner meal. So far the total has gone up to more than 30 people attending. I don't see the need for so many since everyone will be together the following day for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Visitation is having their annual parish fundraiser on Sunday. I'm hungry for Halupki, Haluski and Pierogies so I've already told Phil we're going. His mom will be working in the kitchen. I asked her to save us some food. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It's been raining so long that everything around here, including me, is going to mildew.

We got up early this morning. I had a gyn appointment in Greensburg. My regular doctor is on vacation for a couple of weeks this month and won't be back for a while. I like the new doctor. I may keep him. giggle

We talked a long while about what's going on with me. I don't want to do anything until after Ralph and Jessica's wedding. I'll have my PET scan on the 13th of July and the mammogram on the 14th then see Dr. Moser for follow up the following week. Somewhere after that we'll schedule some testing and see where it goes from there. If I have to have any surgeries I'll ask Dr. Moser who he would recommend or if he would be available to do the surgery himself with my gyn. I know he is super busy. Cancer doesn't wait for anybody but I really don't trust anyone else.

After the visit with the new gyn we drove out to Old Economy Village in Ambridge. We used Verizon Navigator and I kept thinking we were lost even though "she" knew where she was leading us. :) We arrived at our destination in one piece.

The tour was fascinating. I had never heard the story of these Germans. They were quite ahead of their time. Their group would not have died out had they not taken an oath of celibacy.

We left there around 3:30-4:00 just in time to head into traffic around Pittsburgh. I wasn't happy with the route that Navigator sent us on for the trip back home. It seemed very long but it did allow us to stop in Washington at the Red Lobster. We had a nice dinner and got home around 7:00.

I've spent the last hour reading the blogs I follow and am ready for bed. It's still raining!

Monday, June 8, 2009


The hubz is on vacation this week. Yeah! He's been outside all day mowing the yard. It sure needed to be done. Looks great!

We're refinancing our mortgage. The rate we had was 5.9%. The new one will be around 5% - 5.125% depending on what the appraisal comes back as. The appraiser will be here on Wednesday. I'm already trying to clean because he said he will need to photograph certain rooms inside. Yuk. Doesn't he realize how much cleaning this will require?

It's 3 PM and Phil wants to know what's for lunch. I usually eat a biscuit for breakfast and then start on dinner between 4:30 and 5 PM, anticipating he will arrive home sometime between 6 and 7 PM.

Today is my little sister's birthday. Happy birthday Kimba.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Phil and I took Chucky to see the Disney movie UP. We picked him up from Ralph and Jessica's. In the car he said, "It's gonna be a really big day!" That was so cute. I knew they had both been gearing him up for the movie. The movie was great! A few sad parts but mostly fun and happy stuff. The 3-D effects were great! We let Chucky keep his 3-D glasses after the movie. We bought him his own popcorn and lemonade. Halfway through the movie he had to pee. We took him to Boston Market for dinner. Then he had to pee again. Geez! Too much to drink.

We took him back over to their house and watched the beginning of the Penguins game. Jess's brother Justin and his friend Colleen were over with Colleen's little boy Jonas. Jassie played with Jonas a little. He is so cute. She was playing with her dolls. She wouldn't give me a hug but she did say Bye!

Still cramping so I took another pain pill and went to bed. Phil watched the rest of the Pens game. I think I remember him saying they lost.

Beautiful day out today. Phil went to help with his bird dog club's event today. He called to say he was on the way home. He should be here soon.

Ralph just called to see if Phil finished working on the boat. He said he'd come up this week, since Phil is on vacation, and help him finish it. I told him he could borrow the boat whenever he wants to.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Personal Female Stuff, be warned!

I did not miss having a period while going through chemo. All I could think was I am so blessed. Just hoping it continued after chemo but it didn't. The periods have come back worse than ever as if I was 12 years old again and having one for the first time. The pain is unbearable. I didn't have this much pain with cancer!

I asked Dr. Moser to take out the uterus during the last surgery but he said something about not taking out good organs. I'll be 47 next month. Why would I still need a uterus? I haven't been pregnant in 10 years so I doubt that would still be a possibility. I thought by taking the uterus out it would save me complications in the future. If my cancer ever came back the first place it usually travels is to the uterus and ovaries.

I wish I would never have a period again. How many more years will this last? I had to take a pain pill this morning. I fell asleep and woke up at 11:30 so I missed going to work.

Still waiting to hear back from the contractor about the work on the kennel building. Spoke to Karen at Foggy Mountain about the rehearsal dinner. Have a meeting planned for next week. Heard from my mom that my sister might not make it to the wedding. I am so bummed about that! I left her a message on her home phone.

I would like to take pics of the peeps this afternoon if the rain holds off. Phil wants me to take Charity over for Randy to look at this evening but I think it would be better to do that tomorrow when I go in to work. Somehow she and Dolly got into a scrape and Charity ended up the worse for it. He gave her a shot of penicillen and Phil gave her antibiotics. I think she'll be fine. I have her in a cage by herself until she heals up.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another early day

I woke up early again today. Bella was howling to go potty so I took her out. While she was out there doing her thang I decided to do mine. I took the time to exercise on my treadmill again today. It felt just a tad bit easier than it did yesterday morning.

I kept remembering Phil telling me to walk on it last year but I didn't have the strength during chemo to do it. I don't think he understood the physical exhaustion. I had enough strength just to get up in the morning and sit around for a few hours before having to lay down for a nap and get back up before he got home, then an hour later it was back in bed for at least 8-10 more hours. I didn't even have enough strength to help my mom cook or to help with laundry.

I think, until you go through cancer, surgeries and chemo or radiation, you don't understand how someone else going through it feels. Don't get me wrong, he was definitely one of my cancer angels. I had a few who I'm sure were sent by God to tend to me. I know he will bless all of them. I hope I am able to be a blessing to those who need me.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's getting ready to storm again

It rained almost every day last week. We had a real bad storm on Thursday. Bad winds, thunder and lightning. Here it comes again.

I got up at 5:30 this morning and got on the treadmill. I'm hoping I will be able to do the same tomorrow. I need to exercise every day.

I worked yesterday and today. I told Randy I'm going to come in all this week. Phil has vacation next week and I won't be going in to work. Hoping to stay ahead of the game, if that is possible.

My sister's birthday is on Monday. I haven't heard from her. Was wondering what she and Jill have planned for the day. Would love to see them.

Phil is watching the Penguins play the Red Wings. I have lost my mind as to what part of the series this is or which game of the series. Whew! Dear DIL, Jessica, honey, fill your old mother in law in, will ya? I need to feign some type of interest in the sport.

Dinner was lovely. I fried onions and potatoes in my new electric thrift store skillet, fried up boneless pork chops, and microwaved a bag of frozen peas. Phil was very happy.

Okay, off to bed now. Oh, forgot ... I seem to have counted 11 chicken nuggets in the chicken coop. Nine yellow and two black. Two of the mother hens had their babies out in the yard this evening. I layed in the grass and watched them. So cute. Then they grow up to be such pecker heads.