Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another early day

I woke up early again today. Bella was howling to go potty so I took her out. While she was out there doing her thang I decided to do mine. I took the time to exercise on my treadmill again today. It felt just a tad bit easier than it did yesterday morning.

I kept remembering Phil telling me to walk on it last year but I didn't have the strength during chemo to do it. I don't think he understood the physical exhaustion. I had enough strength just to get up in the morning and sit around for a few hours before having to lay down for a nap and get back up before he got home, then an hour later it was back in bed for at least 8-10 more hours. I didn't even have enough strength to help my mom cook or to help with laundry.

I think, until you go through cancer, surgeries and chemo or radiation, you don't understand how someone else going through it feels. Don't get me wrong, he was definitely one of my cancer angels. I had a few who I'm sure were sent by God to tend to me. I know he will bless all of them. I hope I am able to be a blessing to those who need me.


Daria said...

Oh that fatigue is unreal. I was never someone who could sit around for hours on end and now that is all I do.

I can totally relate to your experience.

Tina said...

ugh! Fatigue! They need to come up with a better word--nobody understands what we mean, unless they've gone thru it! I never imagined a day where I would lay in bed, not shower, and not even have enough energy to read a book!

YOU are now one of God's angels, helping others thru this. You've helped me and many others, I'm sure.

Take care of yourself, and I wish I could come hold some of those little chicks! I love farm animals!