Thursday, June 4, 2009

Personal Female Stuff, be warned!

I did not miss having a period while going through chemo. All I could think was I am so blessed. Just hoping it continued after chemo but it didn't. The periods have come back worse than ever as if I was 12 years old again and having one for the first time. The pain is unbearable. I didn't have this much pain with cancer!

I asked Dr. Moser to take out the uterus during the last surgery but he said something about not taking out good organs. I'll be 47 next month. Why would I still need a uterus? I haven't been pregnant in 10 years so I doubt that would still be a possibility. I thought by taking the uterus out it would save me complications in the future. If my cancer ever came back the first place it usually travels is to the uterus and ovaries.

I wish I would never have a period again. How many more years will this last? I had to take a pain pill this morning. I fell asleep and woke up at 11:30 so I missed going to work.

Still waiting to hear back from the contractor about the work on the kennel building. Spoke to Karen at Foggy Mountain about the rehearsal dinner. Have a meeting planned for next week. Heard from my mom that my sister might not make it to the wedding. I am so bummed about that! I left her a message on her home phone.

I would like to take pics of the peeps this afternoon if the rain holds off. Phil wants me to take Charity over for Randy to look at this evening but I think it would be better to do that tomorrow when I go in to work. Somehow she and Dolly got into a scrape and Charity ended up the worse for it. He gave her a shot of penicillen and Phil gave her antibiotics. I think she'll be fine. I have her in a cage by herself until she heals up.


Tina said...

Make sure you are seeing an ob/gyn. General practicioners are useless with this stuff! I was having trouble with heavy bleeding and anemia last year, and my wonderful doc (a young woman--they seem to know the latest) finally (after an ultrasound and some other tests) did an ablation of the uterus. Best thing I ever did! My periods are very light now, and no pain! There are other options too (a new type of IUD seems to help alot of people), but I would DEFINITELY push for an ablation. Its done under light sedation, and there is a day of cramping, and thats it!! My doc said this should take me thru to menopause. (I'll be 45 in July).
Everyone I've talked to is very happy to have it done.
Keep me posted!
PS in the meantime, take as much ibuprofen as you can as soon as you even suspect the cramps are going to start. The earlier you catch it the better. You can even take it a few days before to build it up in your system.
Good luck!

Carol Urban said...

What is an ablation? Is that like the old D&C? I have fibroid tumors so that adds to the pain. My surgeon thought they were cancer tumors until he went in to look at my uterus during the last surgery. I'd had them a long time. I knew they were fibroids. If they'd been cancer I'd have died a long, long time ago. Sure miss having no periods.

Michelle said...

I was going through this this past week. I miss not having the periods - I think I had two while I was on chemo. Ahh, the good old days! LOL! I am going to see my OB in July, and I am going to ask about this. I need to do something - I am actually going to ask about having a partial hysto. There is a higher risk of cancer of the women-parts with colon cancer, and I don't want to risk it. I'm done with 'em - take 'em! Will keep you updated. Good luck.

Carol Urban said...

Yes, I wanted the hysterectomy, too, but my surgeon wouldn't do it. I think it's better to get rid of stuff which could give you trouble down the road. As Barney Fyfe would say, "Just nip it in the bud!"

Tina said...

An ablation is sort of like the old D&C. Now they insert a wire mesh thingy and open it up and basically burn off the layers of the uterus. Before they do this they test the lining of your uterus and make sure its needed. There are so many things they can do these days, you shouldn't have to suffer, esp. so close to menopause. If your doc doesn't do anything--find another one!!

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

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Carol Urban said...

Tina, yes, this is what the gyn discussed with us today. Uterine biopsy, D&C, possible cauterization depending on what the biopsy tells us, and possibly a hysterectomy. In all, he wants to make certain that my cancer hasn't come back and/or spread or that I haven't developed a secondary cancer. I'm not worried. I just want the pain to go away.

Tina said...

I hope it all works out for you so the pain stops!
I'll be praying for you!