Friday, June 19, 2009

Relay for Life

Tomorrow is the American Cancer Society's annual Relay for Life at Keener Field in Latrobe. Last year we got cooked sitting in the sun. Tomorrow we will probably get rained on. giggle Should make things very interesting!

I'm very excited to be getting my second link. As a cancer survivor you get a link for every year you are still alive since your initial diagnosis. Mine is two years. My sister in law, Mary Ann, will be getting her 17th link! She also had colon cancer.

I spent an incredible amount of time yesterday working on DAR activities. Getting things resolved with my Chapter Credentials at National, working on my chapter's annual program booklet, updating our chapter website, writing thank you notes to members, and helping to organize our luncheon for our State Regent's Project. I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment getting all that done!

Meeting my MaryKay rep in Ligonier. Be back in a while!

I'm back. Ooooh, I got so many goodies from Donna this time! I'm going to look so purty. giggle Reminds me of when the Avon lady would come to visit my mom when we were little. I loved sneaking the little samplers of lipstick and trying them on. hehe

I drove over to see Jess and drop off the gift I had made for her. My girlfriend CindyLou from Light Fandango Candles made a beach themed gift basket with candles and bath goodies in it. I'm going to look for her website address and post it here. Okay, here it is Light Fandango Candles. She has wonderful things! Check them out for yourself!

What a gorgeous day today! I think it was about 80 degrees out and it's been sunny for most of the day although it does look like another storm approaching. When I drove over to see Jess I had to detour over to Latrobe and backtrack. Route 130 was closed outside of Pleasant Unity. A bridge got flooded out. In fact, I saw a lot of downed trees. The storm the other night was really bad. I read in this morning's paper that Westmoreland County declared a state of emergency. Not really sure what that means but my direct route to her house was blocked and I was not happy. That detour cost me half an hour.

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