Monday, June 29, 2009

So Excited!

Got a call this afternoon about my embroidery machine. It's working just fine. The service technician cleaned it up, oiled it and put in the "correct" size bobbin. Hmmm, guess that's what was wrong with it! I am so excited to be getting it back and look forward to making my first embroidered whatever! :) The only embroidery cartridge I have is of the rodeo. I bought it off of ebay. It has buck broncking boys and barrel racing girls. Cool!

I thought it would be fun to put something embroidered with girl barrel racers onto Kristina's quilt but I never was able to do that. The quilt is still a work in progress. I could really use a queen size quilting frame. The one I have which was my Granny Pack's isn't wide enough to accommodate a quilt this size. If anyone has a used quilting frame you want to part with please give me a heads up!

I could really use a few extra hands to help with the quilting. If someone has a quilting machine let me know the cost to finish a quilt for me. Thanks!

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