Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today was beautiful

The weather was so nice out although it didn't get over 73. I slept until 9:30 and Phil came home from training dogs in Kittanning around 12:30. Ralph and Jess came over to borrow the boat. They were going fishing at Donegal Lake.

We went to Ollie's because I wanted to look for chaise lounge chairs. We found two and bought them. Decided to stop for lunch at Eat N Park in Latrobe. We had a really funny waitress named Judy.

We came home and Phil fed and watered dogs while I fed chickens. He fed the goats, ducks plus the pigeons. His quail ran off the other day so there's a few less birds to feed now.

I need to stop and buy a few more bags of dog food tomorrow. Can't forget I need to pick up hay from Randy. Also, need a couple bags of corn plus scratch mix.

Note to self: You need to stop by the chapter house after work tomorrow and pick up the bag of garbage in the kitchen that you forgot to take home with you after the meeting on Saturday.

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