Monday, June 29, 2009


What a nice weekend! I spent all Saturday working on a dress and panties set for Jassmine. I finished the dress and have everything almost finished on the panties, I need her waist and upper thigh measurements for the elastic. That's it and it's done. I think I did a really nice job.

Phil bought me the new sewing machine three years ago for my birthday. With going through cancer, surgeries and treatment it didn't get much use. Hopefully, that has changed and I make the time to create lots of gorgeous things!

I also worked on a ladies beret in pink acrylic yarn that I plan to donate as a chemo hat. Right now I'm really hating the pattern I picked out. I'm going to rip out the last 15 rows and do over. Note to self: chemo patients don't have much hair so the hat doesn't need to be quite so large. Think skull cap instead. I came across some fabulous skull cap designs on Friday by Kody May. Here's one that I like real well. And this one!

I decided I'm going to frog the hat and start over using the same yarn but attempting one of Kody May's gorgeous hat patterns instead!!! Wish me luck!

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