Sunday, June 7, 2009


Phil and I took Chucky to see the Disney movie UP. We picked him up from Ralph and Jessica's. In the car he said, "It's gonna be a really big day!" That was so cute. I knew they had both been gearing him up for the movie. The movie was great! A few sad parts but mostly fun and happy stuff. The 3-D effects were great! We let Chucky keep his 3-D glasses after the movie. We bought him his own popcorn and lemonade. Halfway through the movie he had to pee. We took him to Boston Market for dinner. Then he had to pee again. Geez! Too much to drink.

We took him back over to their house and watched the beginning of the Penguins game. Jess's brother Justin and his friend Colleen were over with Colleen's little boy Jonas. Jassie played with Jonas a little. He is so cute. She was playing with her dolls. She wouldn't give me a hug but she did say Bye!

Still cramping so I took another pain pill and went to bed. Phil watched the rest of the Pens game. I think I remember him saying they lost.

Beautiful day out today. Phil went to help with his bird dog club's event today. He called to say he was on the way home. He should be here soon.

Ralph just called to see if Phil finished working on the boat. He said he'd come up this week, since Phil is on vacation, and help him finish it. I told him he could borrow the boat whenever he wants to.

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