Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yesterday, All My Memories Seem

So Far Away .....

I got to the chapter house around 10 after 9 yesterday morning. Roz came in a few minutes later and we went upstairs to work on the program book for next year. Many changes and corrections.

Got to Jessica's around 5 after 1. All the babies were down for naps so I watched CSI reruns. I got snookered by Maddy. She yelled, "I woke up!" So I got her out of bed and then got even more snookered (I must not remember being a child at all!) by her brother Brandon who said, "Can we have an ice pop? Miss Jessica says it's okay." So I gave them each an ice pop. I mean, big deal, it's a popsicle in a plastic tube. Maddy couldn't get the ice to move up the tube. So I had to keep moving it up for her. When Jess got home she said, "Maddy, why aren't you in bed?" Ah, so busted! All of us. Jess and I talked for about half an hour then the babies woke up. Alex cries all the time but baby Audrey is so pleasant. She just smiles and does her thing while he wants to be held the whole day.

I left around 3:10 and went over to the Gloria Horn sewing studio to drop off my embroidery machine. First thing they say to me is that I have the embroidery thread on backwards! Heavens, maybe that's why the thread breaks! The bobbin is plastic and had small nicks in it. Another reason for thread breakage. I looked at all the new models. Does anyone want to know the cost on them? Upwards of thousands of dollars. It was a beautiful store, and even better, I got to talk to my ex-oncology nurse who is part owner. That was great! I left there at 4 p.m. and with all the detours around Greensburg and Latrobe I didn't get home until almost 5 p.m.!

Today I plan to lay out on my new chaise lounge in the back yard. What a fabulous day!

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