Sunday, June 14, 2009


I got up at 7:30 and got ready for my DAR meeting. I opened up for the hostess committee (I was also on it). Lunch was lovely. Susan Zylka, who has just about run the exhibits at the Westmoreland County Fair, was the head of our committee. Gosh, what a lovely woman, and can she cook! Her daughter, Margaret, was also on committee, and is just as talented as her mother. They created the most delicious sandwiches along with fruit kabobs. Jane Donohue brought a cake. Yum, lunch was wonderful! Also, served peach tea. I didn't leave hungry, that's for sure!

I got home at 3:00 and was greeted by Phil, Ralph, Jessica and Jassmine! Jassie and Jess were peering out the window from the great room. giggle It warmed my heart to see them!

Jassie was very attentive today. She must have slept well and woke up on the right side of the crib. Jess and I talked while Jassie ran around playing. I have got to get new toys although she does enjoy the Barbie and Ken dolls and furniture.

I started on dinner thinking the kids would stay. Ralph and Phil were out working on the boat trailer. Needed repainting and rewiring. I am quite proud that they got that done.

I put ingredients in the breadmaker for fresh bread. Jassie tilted her head and looked at it. Huh? She wanted to see what was making "the noise," so I picked her up and she looked down inside of it and laughed. Then I started frying chicken. I cut up squash and zucchini and fried it in a skillet, added parmesan and romano cheese, and then threw in frozen peas. I boiled water and added penne pasta. When finished, I added the vegetables, tossed in butter and added more parmesan and romano cheese, plus a little salt and pepper. I also baked a pan of brownies. Dinner was very good. I sent the leftovers home with Jess and Ralph.

After dinner I cleaned up, got on the computer for a little bit and then Ralph took Jess and Jassie home. When he came back, he and Phil took the boat out to Donegal and fished. Phil got back in around 11:30. He said they only caught one fish. I'm glad they had a good time!

I truly enjoyed my day! Thank you Heavenly Father for another day!

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