Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Saturday

The week started off good with my birthday and all. LOL! Wednesday not good. The rest of the week just trying to get by. Now enjoying the weekend.

To those of you who have visited our house; yes, we do own a lawnmower and yes, Phil is out there putting it to good use! And much needed use, I might add.

Phil woke me up at 8 a.m. bringing in a bag of McDonald's biscuits and a Diet Coke. Yum! I called my uncle Edmund to wish him a happy belated birthday.

Trying to think of all the things I need to keep on top of during the next couple of months and hoping I don't fall behind. Another worry is Festival of Lights. Rosalind will not be able to be there to oversee FOL this year. Rick is now Vice President General of Midatlantic States for the SAR. They have many commitments and balls to attend during the holiday season. I don't envy them at all what with all that curtsying and such. :) That would get mighty tiresome.

My brother is supposed to come up soon with his two children. We would like to go white water rafting. I have never been before. I'm not a good swimmer. I know you have to wear a PFD. I think I'll be okay. I know Phil will love it! I wonder if Mom Urban would like to go? Hmmm. Will have to ask her. In addition to a PFD we would need to string a rope around her belly to keep her from flying out the boat in a gust of wind. She's such a tiny thing. I love her dearly.

Wonder what other dangerous activities we can plan in the next couple of weeks? giggle I think I'm too heavy for rock climbing. I doubt I could pull my own weight. Rollercoasters are out. Just going over a small bump with the truck makes my tummy jump. Can't handle it. :)

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