Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cleaning Lady

Wonder when that cleaning lady is ever going to show up? Sheesh!

I've spent all day cleaning. Me and Roomba. He was a big help but gosh daRn it his battery ran out too quick! We still have rooms to do. I managed to clean my parent's bedroom which used to be Ralph's room when he lived here. The office used to be Joe's room and it's one heck of a catch-all room. I know I can't get that room cleaned so I just shut the door. Hopefully no one will open the door.

I have to get something out for dinner. My parents will be here around 6. I still have to feed animals and I'm tired already. Thank goodness my back doesn't hurt today! Yipee!

I had my hair cut yesterday. I liked what Angie did with it. I bought a set of electric rollers and tried to get it to look like what she did but that didn't happen. Still, I like it.

I'm looking forward to the rehearsal dinner and meeting most of Jessica's family. My brother won't get here in time and my sister isn't coming to the wedding. My ex and his wife will be here. I need to call to make sure they know what time dinner is.

Phil's brother Brian and family won't be in until Saturday morning. Dave and MaryAnn live nearby and so does Phil's mom. I can't believe we will have all the Urbans together this weekend! Wow! My uncle Edmund and aunt Barbara will be over and my uncle Gary and aunt Joanne are coming up from WV. I don't think any of mom's family are coming in. So disappointing. Everyone had made plans.

Then again Joe and Chrystal won't be at the wedding. So disappointing.

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