Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

HAHAHA I am laughing because I am still alive two years past my stage 3 colon cancer diagnosis at which Dr. P said I wouldn't live very long. I AM STILL HERE! Yes, ma'am, I am. Still alive and kicking. Well, I can't get my leg up too far but I can kick your shin if I try. giggle

Was woken up at 8 a.m. by Randy calling to wish me a happy birthday. Actually singing Happy Birthday which is something special because he does not sing. I haven't heard from Phil yet. He is probably thinking that I'm still asleep.

I didn't get past Chrystal and Joe's yesterday. Forgot they were at Idlewild Park with the kids. I will go over there today to give her the birthday gifts I bought. Her birthday was yesterday. Ooops! Just remembered that I forgot to call my uncle Edmund to wish him a happy birthday. His was also yesterday. Bad niece!

Dr. Bompiani had me on the torture device yesterday. The one that stretches the spine. He said something about axial compression or decompression. What? I know it pulled my pelvic area really bad. Today doesn't hurt quite so much.

My big visit with Dr. Moser is tomorrow. I look forward to seeing him every six months just wish it wasn't a doctor visit. He's such a good, kind person and has such a bright, smiling face that you can't help but be happy in his presence. I hope he walks through the door with a smile on his face. Anything less would mean bad news.

Phil is taking me to dinner tonight. I can't think of where to pick for dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse on Saturday. That was nice. I still love Fridays maybe I will pick there. I can get Bruschetta Chicken. Yum. Better not have dessert. I already know Dr. M is going to complain about my weight gain! I can hear it now.


Daria said...

Happy Birthday Carol!

Hope you have a tasty and fun dinner out.

Carol Urban said...

Dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Had a great evening!