Monday, July 20, 2009


Westmoreland Hospital Imaging Dept called this morning. Seems the radiologist found things on my right breast. The radiologist thought they were calcifications which weren't there before but there was also something very small and since my breasts are very dense I need another mammogram. This next mammogram will be done with magnification and the radiologist will tell me at the hospital whether or not there's a problem.

It seems like when you get health problems they develop into more health problems or bigger problems. Last year during chemo I had a bad pap smear with abnormal cells so the gyn's office was upset and made me upset and I freaked out. My oncologist said it would have been caused from the chemo. I had a re-pap done six months later and it was fine.

I get PET scans every six months if there was a problem I am sure my oncologist's office would have called to see me right away. It's been a week since the scan.

Anyway, I'm wondering why the heck I can't be left alone? Don't go finding problems which aren't there. I have enough of that already. I don't need more.

I'm 47. My breasts have seen their share of action and they just aren't necessary anymore. No more breast feeding in my future. If I was to lose them I'd still be me minus the breasts. I lost most of my colon to cancer and everything still works just fine without a colostomy, thank God! I'm more worried about colon cancer coming back than finding a secondary cancer somewhere in my body.

I just wonder why doctors have to get all excited and upset me?? As Phil's friend Mira says, "Pusti May," which means leave me be. I think that's Croatian.

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