Friday, July 3, 2009

Mobile posting

I thought I was going to learn something new this evening but I couldn't get it right. giggle I tried to "mobile" post to my blog via my cell phone. I think I sent the text to BLOGGR because it didn't go through.

I saw a medium sized black bear this morning in Stahlstown as I was leaving the post office. That was about 10:43 a.m. It was running through a field on it's way to a stand of trees about two miles from my house. When I told Phil about him he said the bear was probably on it's way over to our house. I've lost a few chicks and hens in the last two weeks. Something's killing them. Not sure what it is. Of course it could be a durned old cat or a hawk.

I worked today. Didn't get in until about 11:15 and stayed until 3:30. Had to stop and get bags of dog food and a bag of corn for the goats. I pulled my back picking up the bags. The dog food weighs 44 lbs while the corn is 50 lbs. I came home and fed animals and Phil was pulling up in the driveway as I was finishing up. I quickly got ready and we went to Eat N Park for a nice dinner. We stopped by Gander Mountain on the way home. Because of detours, it was almost 9:00 when we got home. Phil suggested I get a hot bath to loosen my back up. I also took a Tylenol 3. I still have a few of those from my port removal surgery in January. They work well; take away the pain but don't leave me loopy. I only need to take one.

I hear fireworks going off nearby. Probably at Foggy Mountain Lodge or over at the people who live on Aleo Lake Road. We can watch them out the bedroom windows.

That's about it. Happy 233rd birthday America! Thank you Samuel Pack, Francis Farley, 2nd Lieut. Daniel Shumate, Rev. Josiah Meador and Martha Farris Gatliff (my ancestors) who helped fight for the Revolution or supplied aid to the cause.

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