Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No Hay

I made it in to work at noon yesterday and stayed until 2 p.m. Randy was sick at home so I didn't ask him to get me hay.

I stopped to see Jess on my way home. I stayed until 3:30 and got home after 4 p.m. I brought Salt and Pepper out onto the driveway and tied them up so they could eat the brush. They stayed out until about 6:30 when Phil got home. They are getting much better about being led around.

I am down to four peeps now and a young banty chick. I would sure like to know what's eating them so I can kill it.

I finished the Dora outfit for Jassie and also did another one, too. The second one was pink fabric with butterflies on it that I thought was real cute when I bought it at Walmart.

I don't think Joe and Chrystal will be at Ralph and Jessica's wedding on Saturday. They left on a camping trip to WV and might not be back in time. Disappointed is an understatement! We'll see.

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