Friday, July 24, 2009

Relaxing at Home

Tuesday was my birthday and Wednesday was the visit with my surgical oncologist. A few new things to report. Will need more tests. Have already scheduled an appointment with my medical oncologist for next week for blood work. Not looking forward to my repeat mammogram next Monday morning. Yuck. Not worried about it. Just not looking forward to having these babies smashed to smithereens!

Every night this past week we have gone out to eat. It was a necessity since we were so busy every day. Tonight I'm planning to make meatloaf which is something I have not made in a very long time. Just hoping I can get every little bit of grease drained off the meat. I can't digest it.

Phil was home sick from work yesterday. It must have been from something he ate at the restaurant on Wednesday afternoon. I barely got to see him yesterday. I had a meeting at 1 p.m. and a DAR board meeting at 3. I didn't get home until 5.

It's been quiet here today. I'm waiting for my doctor's office to call back to schedule tests. Hopefully we can get those done next week and over with.

Nothing planned for the weekend which is really strange. Usually Phil is off training with Joe McDonald at Poor Man's Kennel or his friend Mike Groman from the Shenango chapter. I don't have anything going on. :)

Mom and dad went home to WV for aunt Dot's 70th birthday party. Ralph and Jessica are still on their honeymoon. I don't know what Joe and Chrystal have planned for the weekend. Joe probably has to work.

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