Sunday, August 2, 2009


My son and his new bride are finally home from their honeymoon so I can post about the return of my cancer.

We met with Dr. Moser, my surgical oncologist, the day after my birthday, July 22. It was very discouraging to hear him say my PET scan showed numerous lymph node activity which looked like my cancer is back. At first he wanted to do a biopsy of what is in the chest but after talking with Dr. Viverette, my medical oncologist, they decided against it and to just proceed with chemo.

I saw Dr. V this past Tuesday. I got my port placed at Westmoreland Hospital on Friday. The radiology department did it. I had 2cc Dilaudid and was awake through the entire thing but no pain whatsoever. I did get claustrophobic when they put the drape over my head and I started crying like a baby. :) They took the drape back off.

My chest and right breast was completely covered in plastic tape which everyone knows I am allergic to. I even had a red bracelet on which says ALLERGY. I itched right after surgery and the rest of the day on Friday. I took the bandages and tape off today to find the entire area is red and blistered. I doubt the oncology department will be able to access my port because of this. Doesn't anyone read? I am not happy at all. It will take weeks for this to go away.

Chemo will be the same chemo regimen I was on before. It is Folfox with Avastin. I would rather do without the Avastin as it doesn't add any benefits at all from what I read of clinical study materials.

Oh, wow! I just re-read the post I did on June 23 titled, "Bad Dreams." I had dreamt that Dr. Moser told me my CEA levels were rising and there were spots on my lungs and in my brain. Well it was a partially accurate prediction that dream. My CEA level is rising slightly. It was 0.7 which is still WELL below normal but there were spots in the chest although not in the lungs and nothing in the brain but hey, we knew that all along. giggle

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Tina said...

When do you start chemo? Keep us updated on how you are doing! I'll be praying!!
<3 Tina