Thursday, August 27, 2009

I forgot to mention

that we took my shotgun out to the beagle club on Tuesday evening and I shot it for the first time! Wowee! That was fun and I actually hit my target both times I shot at it! Phil and Tony (another club member) were there to cheer me on. Wow, good shootin girl. There I stood in bare feet with my white skirt and my lace sweater on. Not exactly the sight you'd expect of a future hunter. giggle Then Tony asks me if I'm going pheasant hunting with Phil. Uh, I may be able to shoot a stationary water bottle from 25 yards but a flying object? I seriously doubt I would be able to hit that. :)

I worked yesterday. I almost turned around and left as soon as I saw the desk in the office. It took me over an hour to sort through the papers. I was able to get some things accomplished but I definitely have to go back today to get things cleaned up and filed.

I was so tired out yesterday. I had a hard time driving home and still had to stop and buy dog food at Tractor Supply. As soon as I came in the door I put Bella out and went up to bed. Phil came in the door at 7 p.m. and woke me up. I cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen up and went back to bed.

Hoping for a much better and less tiring day today. Thank God there was no diarrhea and nausea yesterday. That was absolutely wonderful.

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