Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No major side effects

and not a lot of nausea to complain about. Just tiredness and a little dizziness but some would say that is because I'm blonde. giggle Taking a bath, washing my hair and just a general scrub with the washcloth wears me out. I'm not even talking drying my hair anymore. I just can't do it. If I have to go somewhere I'll put on makeup but the hair goes as is.

Enjoying this week off without chemo. Mom and dad come in on Thursday to visit. I have an appt with the pcp on Friday morning and have to remember a chiropractor appt at noon.

Ralph and Jess stopped over with Chucky and Jassmine on Sunday. Jess said Jassie had been sick all night throwing up. Now Jess is saying that she feels really sick and then Chrystal, Chucky and Jassie's mommy, is also sick so I'm wondering what Jassie had and really hoping that I don't come down with it. Even though I just started chemo I don't know what my blood counts are and don't know if my immunities have been compromised yet. I hope they are going to be well soon!

Had a nice dinner tonight. I fried up steaks in the electric skillet and also made lasagna rollups filled with spinach and ricotta cheese. The one thing I forgot to put in them was mozzarella cheese. Duh!

Opal got loose from her cage tonight and Phil had to chase after her. He finally cornered her down by the quail pen. Dumb dog! It was pouring the rain and he got soaked! At two and a half years old she still acts like such a puppy at times! She was chasing after the rabbits in the yard. They are wild. She'd never be able to catch one.

That's it, Fort Pitt. Time for bed.

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