Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Feeling Well

Friday I felt pretty good. I dropped Phil's mom off at her house and then headed over to my appt with the chiropractor. Called Randy while still at Mom's to let him know the fan wasn't running on the a/c unit. He went out to take a look at it. Said two connections were dirty so he cleaned them off for her. I waited for him to show up to load the hay into my truck. I didn't want to try loading them on my own. Phil says I scratch the truck up.

Saturday I noticed my hair starting to fall out. Looks like 20-30 strands at a time but maybe more. I started having diarrhea in the morning and felt sick to my stomach. Felt better when Phil came home and we drove to Ligonier to look at the Antiques on the Diamond. The only store we walked into was Kathy Zimmerman's yarn store. I believe you can never have enough yarn. After I bought my newest stash we went to Latrobe to Denny's for a late brunch.

Sunday Phil went to Warriorsmark to train dogs with Mike Groman, Dave Shirey, Rich Nesbitt and Bob Jenkner. They must have had a great time because he wasn't back until about 3 p.m. :) But that was because I called and asked him to bring me home a crispy chicken salad from Dairy Queen in Donegal.

Diarrhea and nausea was still bad on Sunday but I felt wonderful by the evening and we sat and watched tv together. Well, I watched Gordon Ramsay and then the Food Network and Phil tolerated my tv choices. He is so good to me. Randy says I am spoiled.

I was up a couple times in the night with diarrhea. When I finally got out of bed around 8:30 this morning my diarrhea was severe. I ended up having to throw up and then passed out in the bathroom. Thankfully I was able to make it back to bed and slept for the next couple of hours.

My sister called at 11:30 and I decided to get up and take some Imodium tabs. I got a bath and Ralph called to check on me. My mom called him to let him know I was sick. I told him I would be okay, I'd had my bath and was going to lay down until Phil came home from work.

At 2:00 the phone rang but I didn't check to see who it was. At 2:30 the basement door opened and Mom Urban came upstairs to the bedroom to check on me. My mom called her, too. She fixed something for me to eat and stayed until 6:00. Phil should be home soon.

6:40 p.m. and I hear Phil pulling up in the driveway.

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Tina said...

Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad! Fortunately I didn't have the diarrhea with the Folfox--I think because of all the anti-nausea pills I had to take, and they cause constipation. I hope the Immodium works. I also have a perscription for Lomotil, which is a little stronger than Immodium.
Take care!!