Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yesterday was such a bad day for me and Phil got so worried that he took today off and made me go to the cancer center for fluids and bloodwork. He asked them to test my potassium and magnesium levels. I will probably have to go back on potassium pills. Blech! Horse pills. They make me gag. Even if I cut them in half they get stuck in my throat so I have to put them in applesauce or apple butter.

I lost six pounds since I was weighed last Thursday at the center. Too much vomiting and diarrhea will do that. It's how I lost 30 pounds the first time around.

My blood pressure was also up from last Thursday. It was 119/73 last time and today was 143/93 so I will need to put in my scrip for Lisinopril(sp?). When I'm off chemo I have no problems but as soon as I get on it the chemo drugs just make my body go haywire. :)

God sent me a gift at the cancer center today. Her name was Bobbie. She happens to be a customer of Randy's so we talked almost the whole time we were there. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast sarcoma (hoping I got that right) 22 years ago. Her husband left as soon as she was diagnosed. Weasel!

She has been on and off chemo for the past six years. She said you've got to decide what you want. Do you want to be walking on the grass or under it? Wow. Smacked some sense into me. She said honey, you're a fighter, you can do this. You have to just keep doing it. She really made me think. My God, dear Lord, if she has been doing this battle with cancer for 22 years then I can do it, too.

After we left the center I had a hunger for Cracker Barrel but it was a long drive from the center and Phil still had to feed animals. It was after 3 p.m. when we left. I suggested Red Lobster and we had a fantastic waiter named Samuel. My lunch was wonderful. Phil had the Admiral's Platter and brought half of it home for his dinner. I skipped dinner. Forgot to take the Prilosec at breakfast and ended up with indigestion. That's another thing I don't have when not on chemo.

I used to laugh to myself when I was a kid and I saw the amount of meds my grandpa and his wife were on. I thought what the heck do they need all that crap for? Then it was my parents and then it was me. You live and learn. I hate being on drugs. Never smoked a cigarette in my life (the smell gives me migraines), never smoked weed or drank. Never saw why other people did or do.

If you could see the cancer patients who have had their tongues or throat boxes removed or any of the other things I've seen you would STOP smoking. One thing that truly pisses me off is to see the cancer patients in the parking lot hardly waiting to get to their cars before they light up another cancer stick! What the heck? Just say NO! Stop today! Cigarettes, cigars or chewing tobacco; give it up now.

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