Thursday, September 3, 2009

Enjoyed this week

It's my second week off chemo and it's been absolutely great!

I met with the genetics counselor at Hillman on Tuesday. She didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I had three out of four of the genes for being a carrier for colon cancer but only met two out of three of the criteria for HNPCC so even though two members of my family have had colon cancer (me and my aunt Wanda) seems they think it was more of a fluke for me getting it than really being familial (hereditary).

It was a long drive into Pittsburgh on a very beautiful day. I had a nice chef salad in the cafeteria then drove back home. I stopped at the gift shop on my way out the door. Bought some pretties.

Worked yesterday and today. Managed to get the desk cleaned off for the most part. I had not been in to work in a long time, maybe two or three weeks? Left birthday cards for Randy and Kristina since we will be away this weekend and won't see them.

Phil is taking half a day tomorrow so he can put Opal and Reno in the kennel over the weekend. We can manage Bella on the trip but the other two are too much of a handful.

There is one yellow and black peep. None of the other eggs were any good so I threw them out. Hopefully this chick will make it. The last group of 15 were eaten. I think a hawk got them. I have lost most of my hens. I only have four left. I may need to order some through Stromberg's catalog next spring.

Looking forward to this weekend. Have not been home to WV in ages!

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Tina said...

Glad you are enjoying your "in between" time. I am having a great week as well in between radiation and chemo. I get so excited and almost giddy when I feel good. Its such a blessing to have these times. Enjoy your vacation! Rich and I are going to Duluth for 2 nights--I can't wait!